Give Back Program

The first few years in business we spent resources and time on projects for clean water. We partnered with ATTA water and Second Mile Waters’ projects. As the years have gone on, we have learned so much of the needs of our community and needs during the recent hurricane and fire disasters. Consistently, we have heard needs for laundry detergent.  Due to the fact,  we “do” laundry detergent, we are “doing” it big this year, and giving it back!

When we learned of the many issues that wrap around not having access to laundry detergent and hygiene products, we found ourselves heart broken. If you can’t wash clothes, bedding, and/or stuffed animals, etc… so many health and social concerns arise. Adults may lose their jobs due to poor professional appearance. Kids get bullied or stay ill for lack of clean clothes. Lice issues run rampant. Babies have skin rashes due to the lack of hypoallergenic detergents that are affordable. The list goes on. We believe everyone deserves health and to feel confident. That is why we started with a local organization in Bozeman, Montana to directly impact our neighbors and friends.

On February 1, we launched an initiative to lessen the burden of expensive laundry products in the homes of those who needed it most. We donated 72-weeks of laundry detergent for kids and people working with Love INC. Unfortunately, this will only last through the month of February. 

During the next few months we are going to do our part to help spread awareness for homeless families and families struggling to make ends meet. We want to partner with them and with you.


Give Back Options

1.  If seeing kids and families thrive is close to your heart , we’ve got a plan! It only costs $5.  Purchase a half priced 20-load bag of Soapberry Suds (that’s only $5!) and we'll match it…for every $5 bag of detergent you purchase, we will donate one to a family that really needs the help!

2.  If you know of an organization from the hurricane or fire reliefs that is in need of hypoallergenic laundry detergents, please contact us. Keely, our Outreach Coordinator, is heading up this initiative and our whole team is ready to give back!


How far can $5 go?

We are hoping to create a force to be reckoned with in blessing families with the gift of a product that is used every day.  Not many think about laundry detergent as an immediate need, until you need it.  Then it matters, BIG TIME!

If you feel strongly that kids deserve to attend school with clean clothes and confidence, join us. 

If you know how good it feels to go to work with proper hygiene, join us.

If you are finding yourself pulled to make a difference but aren't sure where there is a need, join us. 

If you know the importance of paying bills such as rent, food, vehicles to keep your family from being homeless, join us.