World Water Day

World Water Day

March 22, 2016

Did you know 1.8 billion people around the world lack access to clean, safe water? That's right. That breaks down to about 1 in 7 people that don’t have access to clean drinking water. Could you imagine living in a situation where you lacked resources or access to water that was safe for your children to drink? Many around the world have to weigh out the awful choice of giving their precious little children dirty, bacteria filled water to keep them alive, or not give it to them at all, causing  dehydration and death. Neither of those options are acceptable in our eyes. Many end up with life threatening illnesses from the pollution in the water, having no choice but to drink it and risk their lives. Water is a part of every area of our existence - crucial for survival. If we want to create healthy children to grow and flourish in this world, we need to continue to celebrate the work being done in the clean water sector and help share where others can help.

March 22nd is international World Water Day. We invite you to join us, today, to learn more about the water crisis around the world, take action and be the change!  

We partner with One ATTA Time, a 501c3 humanitarian organization that exists to provide clean water to children and train young leaders to be the change. Based out of Costa Mesa, California they are doing amazing things to bring an effective and affordable water filtration system to children and communities around the world. Did you know they can bring in millions of gallons of clean water to a home for just $60 per filtration system. SIXTY DOLLARS! Think of the change you could be apart of for just a few dollars.

Buckaroo Organics was able to donate $500 to this wonderful organization last year and we hope to do even more this year! When people have access to clean, safe water, it can change nearly everything in their lives. Clean water in a community can be directly related to improved health, better access to food, increased growth of local economies and allows children to spend more time in school and less time collecting water. Donate and learn more about One ATTA Time.


Other ways to help:

When you purchase our products, as a part of our Give5|Save5 program we donate 5% of online profits to One ATTA Time clean water projects. If you want to join us  when you shop online, use code: Save5. Did we mention, when you use this code you also save 5% on your order as well!? Learn more about Give5 Save5.


All kids deserve clean water. Let's do this and be that change! Click the link below to donate or shop for products with a purpose. Each of your purchases are going toward bringing clean water to children that desperately need it. Thank you!

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