Why Clean Water?

Why Clean Water?

August 27, 2015

"Currently the global water crisis is the number one killer in the lives of children. So our primary focus is tackling the water crisis so kids can have access to clean drinking water." - One ATTA Time

Why support clean water? I've been asked this a multitude of times, by people curious as to why I would choose this issue over so many others that exist in our world. How do you choose a battle in which to dedicate yourself?

My answer: True, there are always issues that need attention and dedicated problem solvers. However, water is where much of it begins. Many of these issues that do exist can be alleviated or solved completely with this simple element that many of us take for granted on a daily basis.

Imagine, instead of your daily routine of hitting the snooze button a few too many times, making the (ever so necessary) coffee, grabbing something to eat before heading out the door to battle traffic and other commuters on your way to work, but instead, you wake before daylight - to avoid the beating rays of the sun - and you grasp your (ever so necessary) water jug to begin your hike for your daily supply of water. Maybe you hike 5 miles or maybe 10 or more. Finally, you arrive at your water source - be it clean or dirty, it's all you have - so you fill your jug and bear the weight of it (about 50 pounds) on your shoulders for the arduous journey back. Hours later you're finally ready to begin your day, with the  constant awareness of every drop of water you use. Come afternoon you do this all over again for your evening supply.

Domatila and her husband at their home outside of Camuapa, Nicaragua. May, 2014. Photo by Stevi Lynn

With that on your mind, I'd like to introduce you to Domatila (pictured above with her husband). This is the story of her daily life. She is 70 years old and patiently waiting for her village's well to be completed. With the new well she will save up to 8 hours a day no longer navigating dangerous routes to unsanitary water sources and can spend more time tending to her home, land, family and other life occurances.

By having clean water available in a community, the level of health and life expectancy increase exponentially, especially in infants. These children can, now, be in school finishing their education and seeking higher education. Water can give them a fighting chance at a future that has an outlook of more than a few years down the road. The economy, vegetation and productivity levels all increase, as well. Mind you, these are only some of the affects of having access to clean, safe drinking water. The availability of water has a resounding benefit to the communities we've reached so far.

With your support Buckaroo Organics is able to donate 5% of online purchases to fund projects around the world. If you're interested in learning more about clean water and sanitation projects you can read more here. I also encourage you to visit oneattatime.org to read more about our amazing Water Partner and their life-changing projects.

Thank you to Domatila for sharing her story and her home and thank you to Stevi Lynn (Buckaroo Photographer) for her beautiful photos from Nicaragua. 

Cheers to a healthy future and life.

Guest blog by Katy Englert, Buckaroo Designer/Clean Water Advocate