When We Stop Asking and Start Listening

When We Stop Asking and Start Listening

April 17, 2015

A few years back, I sat in a Leadership Summit and felt overwhelmed as the presenter spoke about "unlocking human potential." If we could unlock our passion, what could we really accomplish with our lives?

At this point, Buckaroo Organics was only a concept. I prayed asking for direction. I had run calculations of what I thought starting a business could look like. The list was limiting, mostly, for financial reasons, responsibilities and fear. 

When I listened to that speaker, it dawned on me...I had been asking for answers, and not listening. I committed to listen and then try to obey. This is what I heard. "You need to shift gears." 

A bit timidly, I took that conversation to my husband with no forward plan other than to say out loud, "I think God wants us to shift gears and manufacture organic skincare and laundry detergent." (wait, did you catch that....I looked Brad straight in the eyes (knowing he had the same numbers I did in a spreadsheet.) and said, "skincare and laundry detergent." baaahahaaaaa- That's totally crazy.

The weird part was that it wasn't weird. He was supportive. We took the leap. We have had a blast building the first year of our company. We have also experienced extreme anxiety, stress, and doubt...again, mostly about finances. At the end of the worry, God has always provided. This career change, is not just work, it is our life and value system. Unlocking my passion for Buckaroo Organics has been amazing. We are honored to have had this last year. The people we have met and all that we have learned has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. The greatest lesson, I have learned: when I was busy calculating my life, I was actually missing the greatest parts. The grandest gift I have received is my walk in faith and my practice in listening. It's hard.

With that being said, we tip our hats to you and to God's love. We are thankful to be celebrating our ONE-YEAR-ANNIVERSARY and the start of our new blog! Thank you for your support and welcome to our journey!

Lindsay Herron, Founder/CEO, Buckaroo Organics