3 Best Tea Tree Oil Recipes

3 Best Tea Tree Oil Recipes

October 19, 2016

                         Melaleuca Alternifolia

                         Melaleuca Alternifolia

Tea tree oil is one of the most powerful antiseptic essential oils, therefore is packed with healing properties. It does everything from healing cuts and scrapes, helping to clear up a sore throat to making a wonderful all natural cleaner. This well-loved oil is distilled from the leaves of a Melaleuca Alternifolia tree or tall shrub, which is found growing along streams is Australia or South Africa. Here in our house, we consider it a “must have.”

 Below you will find just a few of our favorite recipes.


· All-purpose cleaner: A simple all natural cleaner that works wonders and is safe on most surfaces. NO more chemicals!

1.      1 cup water

2.      1 cup white vinegar

3.      20 drops tea tree essential oil

4.      20 drops of lemon essential oil

5.      Mix in a spray bottle, shake and you're ready to go!


· Hand sanitizer: When soap and water are not always at hand, this is excellent for camping, festivals and traveling.  

1.      25 drops tea tree oil

2.      10 drops lavender oil

3.      1 tablespoon witch hazel

4.      8oz aloe vera gel

5.      Mix in an easy-to-dispense bottle and give it a good shake. (store in a cool dark place)


· Facial toner: Great for combating acne or skin issues.

1.      Add 30 drops to about 2oz of water and shake.

2.      You can either spritz face or use on a cotton pad to swipe over face after cleansed.


· Laundry: Kill bacteria or funky odors

1.      Add 5-10 drops to your laundry detergent or directly into the washer water.  

2.      Add 5-10 drops to one dryer ball and fluff fully dried laundry in the dryer. 


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