Reasons your favorite candle might actually be causing you harm

Reasons your favorite candle might actually be causing you harm

September 21, 2017

Fall is the perfect time to get out those fall-scented candles. Many wait for the arrival of candles on store shelves with names like Cozy Cabin, Pumpkin Pie, Autumn Wreath, and Sweater Weather, to signal the start of the fall season. But, what does “sweater weather” actually smell like, anyway? And, why would we want it melted down into a jar?

While scented candles and air fresheners have long been responsible for setting the mood for each new season, recent studies and reports give us pause about the use of traditional artificially scented holiday decor.

Green America does a great job explaining how candles can be harmful. The concerns lie in the chemicals that can be found in artificial fragrance and wax. While research is ongoing, some researchers feel that extended use of certain scented items might lead to serious health hazards for pregnant women, respiratory issues in children and adults, or - in extreme cases - even cancer.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like the reason for the season.

There are still plenty of ways to experience the nostalgic aromas of autumn without the harmful chemicals and ingredients.

Think of fresh cinnamon sticks, orange rinds, cloves, lemon peel, and 100% pure essential oils as the new scents of fall. Here are eight non-toxic alternatives to try this autumn:

Diffuse it. Using a diffuser in your home can not only make your home smell nice, but it is a lot better for you than conventional candles, room sprays, plug-ins, or dangling fall season smelly things. All of which can be made, unlabeled, with synthetic “fragrance” which can contain skin irritants, and even cancer-causing agents. No one should be inhaling that stuff—and though you can’t protect yourself against it at, say, the local mall, you can protect your air quality at home. Buckaroo Organics Bamboo Ultrasonic Diffuser is not only drop-dead gorgeous and able to blend with just about any decor, but it also pipes out essential oils with aromatherapeutic benefits.

Follow these simple recipes make a delicious fall essential oil blend then diffuse by following the directions included with your favorite diffuser:

●      FALL AIR: 4 drops orange, 3 drops each lemon and rosemary essential oil.

●      WELLNESS BLEND: 2 drops each lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus essential oil, and 3 drops peppermint essential oil.

●      BREATHE EASY: 3 drops each lemon, lavender, and peppermint essential oil.

Join the World of Buckaroo for more DIY recipes and to take advantage of this month’s exclusive offer on our diffuser and essential oil combo.