Meet the Buckaroo Team

Meet the Buckaroo Team

May 13, 2015

Time to Gush and Brag: Meet our team!

This was so fun for me to write, as I believe God has placed each of these talents on our team and I am so grateful for them!

First of all, my husband, and partner on this journey, deserves the grandest shout out. Brad continually supports and is willing to agree to most of my creative ideas. The process usually starts with "I" have this great idea…and ends with Brad putting in long hours welding, formulating, hammering, computing and muscling my concepts to life. I couldn’t imagine working with a more gifted/kinder person. Our work in creating a great product line and company is greatly attributed to his unconditional love and belief in "us" and Buckaroo. 

Meet Katy, our lead designer. She is often the voice of reason to my madness. I also believe that she possesses magical powers to create the impossible. I often send her novel emails and 1st grade level (at best) sketches of my visions. She, then, turns them into the beautiful brand, design, website, and labeling Buckaroo Organics yields, today. I am greatly aware that our company owes much of its success to her hard work and investment. 

Say hello to Stevi Lynn, a talented photographer who has been with us from the beginning! I am grateful to have an integrated team. Katy and Stevi work so seamlessly together to create a cohesive look and feel for our products. I truly appreciate the flexibility and versatility that Stevi has contributed to our branding and company. 

Welcome to the team Sage, our freelance photographer. When I first saw her work - photos of children and the outdoors, I was blown away. Sage has an authentic way of capturing her subjects. We are so lucky to have her working as our new photographer and brand developer. Her style and poise are an asset to our Buckaroo family.

Lastly, I am Lindsay, and I do a bit of everything! There is nothing I won't try or get into the trenches to create. I wake up everyday with a love of who we are and what we are doing to change the products we put on our skin and use in our homes. Thank you for your continued support! And a giant thank you to our wonderful team. I know many of our successes are due to the dedication and long hours we make IT happen. 

Be the change you want the world to see!

Lindsay Herron, Founder/CEO, Buckaroo Organics