Healthier kids, better school performance

Healthier kids, better school performance

September 21, 2017

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in holistic and natural approaches to help kids thrive as they return to school.

I recently came across a news story about schools in Baltimore, MD, which have replaced the detention room with what they call the “Mindful Moment Room,” a warm, brightly lit space complete with yoga mats and the scents of essential oils. 

The concept was created in partnership with the Holistic Life Foundation, a nonprofit that offers after-school programs for children to focus on mindful practices—from yoga to self-care.

For those of us (hand raises) who ever had a hard time paying attention in - and after - school, I can’t help but wonder how a program like this could have benefitted me at a young age.

I have seen the added pressures on today’s youth and how this affects them. We expect a lot from kids these days. What if pausing to create mindful spaces could help kids (and adults) achieve their greatest potential?

Between late-night study sessions, after-school activities, homework, and the many other activities students (and parents) are involved in, sometimes it can be hard to find the energy needed to be alert during the school day - much less find the time to slow down for breathing exercises and meditation.

Incorporating essential oils into a student’s daily routine, can be the first simple step to naturally stimulating learning and productivity.

Here are some essential oil combinations you can use all year long:

●      Study Sesh: Peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemon are among the essential oils that can help focusing during a last minute study session. Just a few drops of essential oils in a room diffuser or a room spray while studying should do the trick.

●      Wakey Wakey: 2 drops each of orange + peppermint essential oil can energize the senses. This is a good combo to use in the morning when everyone needs to perk up.

●      For A+ Attention: 2 drops each lemon + rosemary essential oil. Studies show that rosemary is the go-to oil for enhancing memory. Lemon aids in alertness. This blend will help you and your buckaroos stay on task.

●      Calm Down: 3 drops lavender + 2 drops frankincense essential oil. It's no wonder frankincense is mentioned in the bible as one of the premier gifts. Its earthy notes, when combined with lavender, are just dreamy.

Although some essential oils are safe to use topically on the skin, for our little buckaroos, it’s recommended to diffuse essential oils in the air, and everyone can reap the benefits!

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