The 411 on Essential Oils, Laundry and Home Use

The 411 on Essential Oils, Laundry and Home Use

February 14, 2016

As we continue our mission to help eliminate chemicals and toxins from the home, we found a gap in quality, affordable essential oils that are available for everyone without signing up for anything. We continued to receive requests for ways to add a natural, organic scent to laundry without the use of fabric softeners. With so much research and all the studies hitting the market about the poisonous chemicals in fabric softeners/sheets, we listened and went to work. If you're reading this, and still using fabric softeners...we  lovingly won't judge you:) But we are highly recommending you to STOP the insanity! (Haha)

With hours of research, reading, and diligence to ensure our oils are high quality, tested for purity,  and sourced from the countries of origin in which each plant grows best, we are bringing you six certified organic, 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils to use in many different ways. But most importantly, you now have a way to scent your laundry, affordably and more health consciously. Wahooo - throw your hands up! But first, let's chat a bit more about essential oils and why Buckaroo has chosen these six. 

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in plants and are extracted by steam distillation and cold pressing. Cheap synthetic, diluted oils are potentially toxic. Therefore, it’s extremely important to use high quality essential oils from trusted sources. In this case, you get what you pay for.

Buckaroo Organics' Essential Oils:  

We chose this set as they are very versatile in uses and specifically great for the laundry room. From killing bacteria to heavenly aromas, these six are perfect for enhancing laundry products already being used.


Uses in the Laundry Room

Washer: Drop 5-10 drops of oils such as, Tea Tree or Lemon, directly into the washing machine. This helps kill bacteria or odors.

Dryer: Once your clothes are fully dry, place 5-10 drops of essential oil on one wool dryer ball. Fluff clothes to get an aromatic response inside the dryer. Once the essential oil heats up, it releases aroma into your clothes; a chemical-free way to scent your laundry and curb odors.

Warning: Some of the oils have a natural color. It may minimally “tint” your dryer balls. They are not ruined. You can continue to use different scents and change it up. Do not be alarmed if this happens.



Diffusing: 5-10 drops in a diffuser

Aromatically: Dilute and place a few drops in your hand, then cup your hands and inhale.

Topically: Dilute for use with infants or toddlers. A ratio of 1: 30 blend is recommended. This means ONE drop of essential oil to 30 drops of a carrier oil. Diluting also helps to lessen the risk of skin sensitivities. 

Carrier oils: Using organic or plant-based fatty oils is best such as: olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil, etc.

Internally: Some essential oils may be used internally. Please read labels and proceed with extreme caution.

Precautions: Please do your research when using essential oils on infants or children under the age of 2-years-old. Not all essential oils are baby-safe.

The Oils: 

Peppermint: Sourced from India. Use for headaches, fever, stomach discomforts, joint pain, sinus congestion. 

Lavender: Sourced from Bulgaria. Use for a sleep aid, insect bites, burns, bruises, cuts, scrapes and to calm moods.

Lemon: Sourced from Mexico or Italy. Use for disinfectant, sore throat, neutralizing odors and bacteria.

Orange: Sourced from United States, Mexico or Brazil. Use for antidepressant, fatigue, aromatic, aphrodisiac.

Eucalyptus Radiata: Sourced from Australia. Use for sinus infection, bronchitis and respiratory congestion.

Tea Tree: Sourced from South Africa. Use for Candida, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and athlete’s foot.


We invite you to comment below to tell us about your favorite essential oils. If you have questions or would like to chat more about oils give us a call or emails us! Did we mention if you sign up for our newsletter in March you'll save 25% on all essential oils until the end of the month? That's a $30 savings on the 1 ounce Buckaroo Oil 6-Pack!

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