The Deets on Cleaner Hair Care Swaps

With back-to-school quickly approaching, my daughter has been gearing up for the new year. New clothes, new backpack and fresh new supplies. We have made quiet a few changes this year but still haven’t completely switched to all "green" or organic products. I decided the next big switch needed to be hair care, and after doing my research I am sure glad to make the swap!

When doing a quick search of dangerous chemicals typically found in shampoo/conditioner,it is surprising how many came up. There are 12 pretty nasty chemicals to avoid. That is a lot. All of them having severe side effects. So frustrating. Shower products are, generally used, daily! We are taught positive shower hygiene is good for us and over all “healthy” but usuing poor, chemical-filled products is actually contributing to a number of long-term, harmful issues.

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What's in your bath or shower? Do your research!

The CONCERNING highlights:

Fragrance: AGAIN, synthetic fragrance of any kind is harmful! It takes 26 seconds for the toxins to enter our bloodstream. Fragrances are known to affect our organs and clog the lymphatic system. So many issues... BE AWARE!!

Polyethylene Glycol (PEG): SCARY and found in so many products! Petroleum compounds used in all sorts of products, ranging from personal care to laxatives. Manufactures use PEGs to help products absorb quicker to increase effectiveness. They help balance pH levels in products to moisturize and thicken. While that is helpful in the beauty world it doesn’t come without a cost seeing how the chemicals that go along with it are also being absorbed quicker into our bodies. PEGs can actually rob the skin from its natural moisture. Our skins moisture comes from natural oils, when the oils are withdrawn skin is more exposed of foreign substances. If you damaged skin such as acne, blister or cuts PEGs become even more harmful and can cause system toxicity. PEG’s have been linked to leukemia, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, brain & nervous system cancer and even Hodgkin’s disease. They have been proven to inhibit development in the nervous system and can cause kidney and liver toxicity. PEGs are commonly found in baby products, as well. SO SAD.

Dimethicone: It is used in conditioners for a silky smooth affect, both leave-in and rinse off. Dimethicone means its not just trapping in moisture it is also trapping in bacteria. It is also silicone based which will leave your hair looking shinny but its not the shine you necessarily want. It can keep nutrients from penetrating our hair, which over time can cause weakness and breakage…but yet these products are advertising that they are helping you with these things...(eye roll).

Obviously after learning these things I knew it was time change it up! I found Innersense. I tried the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner.

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I was so pleased with all the products. They smell delicious and they are all naturally scented with oils and extracts--> so NO harmful fragrances! My daughter loves the sweet spirit leave-in conditioner the most. Tangle free hair every time! We use it, both, after her bath/shower and when styling her hair. My hair is very fine which means lots of tangles, works like a charm.

A definite win on performance and a "clean" label!

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Hi! I'm Annie, as I work for Buckaroo Organics, I keep learning more and more about nasty chemicals...and this is my "Going Green" journey!