Why Cruelty Free Products Matter

There are a ton of buzz words companies are putting on their labels, these days. From gluten free to cruelty free, vegan to paraben free... I felt like it was important to dig deeper and find out what these mean and why I should care.

Hi! I'm Annie, and this is my "Going Green" journey!

Hi! I'm Annie, and this is my "Going Green" journey!

I started with CRUELTY FREE: What EXACTLY does that mean? Initially, I felt the line was blurred between vegan and cruelty free...I am an animal lover and when buying products, I will be honest, I don’t always look for either of those requirements. So, when I saw people constantly talking about animal products, I jumped in and started researching the WHY?

The definition of cruelty free is is a label for products or activities that do not harm or kill animals anywhere in the world. Products tested on animals are not considered cruelty-free, since these tests are often painful and cause the suffering and death of millions of animals every year.[1]

How many animals are we killing or harming by testing our favorite skincare products? If a company has to test a new chemical to see if it will kill or harm and animal, I'm pretty sure I don't need that on my skin! Now I am seeing why it is important.

Usually these “tests” are conducted as the animal is forced to eat or inhale substances or have the cosmetic ingredient rubbed on a shaved portion of their body. Sometimes even putting it in the animal’s eyes and ears. They continue to do this to the animal for 28-90 days to see if they have any allergic reactions.

After looking at graphic online images of these poor suffering animal testers, I can't help but think...WHO fills out an application for this job?? Torturing animals for up to 90-days! And if that wasn't enough for you...

After the 90-day torture period, they are killed and cut them open to see the internal effects of the product being tested. These tests are also done on pregnant animals to see what sort of effect it has on their fetus. SO disturbing. If you aren't sold on the importance of cruelty free products, yet, I recommend doing a Google search!


When it comes to animal testing it is not just restricted to “lab” rats. During research I came along the hard truth they use dogs and cats too, most commonly beagles. Beagles are my spirit animal. I adopted a sweet, old-man beagle over a-year-ago and this hit so close to home for me. The pictures and facts on testing on beagles are so gut wrenching.

Not only do we need to READ labels and educate ourselves on what we are putting on/in our bodies but we need to pay attention to how these companies are developing products. We can not just ignore these issues, they are serious and very inhumane. Products can absolutely be made with wholesome ingredients without disecting lovable pets in the process. Look for cruelty free labeling on products and educate yourself! IT MATTERS.

I came across an AMAZING subscription box called Bunny Beauty Box. It is based soley on cruelty free brands.

The founder's moto is "cruelty-free is the new black." She is helping us to discover new brands and products that hold high standards for ingredients without animal cruelty. I can get on board with this mission!

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