Your Pits Matter: Deodorant Dangers

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Hi I'm Annie! When I hired on at Buckaroo Organics, I was shocked at the information I didn't know about products in my home. This is my journey in tossing all the crap in my cabinets for greener, cleaner stuff that works! -Annie Goes Green


Deodorant is a staple of our morning routines and most of us know our store-bought deodorants carry major health risks, but no one wants to be the "smelly person". I’m right there with you! I have forgotten deodorant before a workout or on hot summer days and it's embarrassing. Fully pitting out, is no bueno. The world we live in sells products that are NOT safe and deodorant is a BIG one being falsely advertised. Used daily and toxic...paying attention, yet?

Skin vs. consumption? I learned putting chemicals on my skin can be worse than eating them. They enter the bloodstream without filtering. When we eat food containing chemicals, enzymes in our saliva and stomach break down the toxins ingested and help flush poisons out. While I am not consenting to you eating a bunch of crap, I am simply telling you that it is harder for our bodies to rid toxins when they are absorbed through skin.

Why your pits are in danger: the chemicals listed below are found in almost all "conventional" shelved deodorants. Check yo' labels, folks!

• Aluminum Zirconium- is the INCI name for a preparation used in antiperspirants; deodorants. It is used for its ability to obstruct pores in the skin and prevent sweat from leaving the body. Blocking sweat completely traps it inside along with the aluminum. Aluminum compounds create a chemical reaction with your sweat= clumping to clog your sweat glands, it does cause irritation in underarm areas. This can result in allergic reactions, such as bumps and itching. They have also been known to mimic estrogen, which promotes growth of breast cancer cells.

• Parabens- Listed under the names butylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben. These preservatives are meant to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and yeast. Research shows they also negatively affect the body’s endocrine system and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological and immune effects.

• Fragrance- AGAIN, like in laundry detergent, the word, fragrance may be referring to HUNDREDS of other chemicals. Unfortunately, even the “fragrance free” products can usually contain synthetic fragrances. Fragrance triggers allergens, asthma attacks and is linked to hormone imbalances.

Confirmed time and time again... I have learned with every product I have researched, deodorant was no different. I AM disappointed. Gosh, I didn’t know what I was getting into when I signed up for to "go green". Once I "know" information, I can't "unknow" it. All I can think about is the years I have been pumping myself/family with toxic chemicals. Unacceptable, am I right?! I have to change because I refuse to let my daughter grow up, unknowingly, making the same mistakes. We can NOT trust brands at face-value. Do your researh, become aware, and make educated choices!


While disgusted with all the knowledge I now know, I still do not want to be the "smelly girl" at the gym, so I reached out to a natural, toxin free, company I, recently, discovered. Honestly Phresh is my new go to deodorant. They are honest (see what I did there:) about what they put into their products. It is a 100% Natural deodorant free of aluminum, synthetic fragrances, glycol, gluten and GMOs. Honestly Phresh is made here in the USA and a cruelty free/vegan company. I know you are thinking, that’s all great but does it ACTUALLY work? I have been using their products for a few months, now, and I am SO happy with them! They passed my long jogs and workouts test. I even made my husband try their mineral deodorant spray. He has a problem with stinky feet and he saw improvement. I also have loved the spray and my all time favorite is the Sugar Mint deodorant stick. Try them out, you wont regret it.