4 Most Frequent Toxins In Your Toothpaste


Hi I'm Annie! When I hired on at Buckaroo Organics, I was shocked at the information I didn't know about products in my home. This is my journey in tossing all the crap in my cabinets for greener, cleaner stuff that works!

-Annie Goes Green



So here I am again, about to drop bombs on another dangerous product found in your home. This month, I am talking oral health care. We all grew up learning the importance of brushing our teeth. We were advised to brush morning and night and like the well-behaved children we were, we listened. I never really thought about ingredients in my toothpaste. Those squeezes you put onto your tooth brush twice a day really add up. Pay attention.

Over our lifetime, the average American uses 20-gallons of toothpaste. 20-Gallons.  While we do spit the majority of it out, toxic chemicals are still getting into our bloodstream through absorption via mouths and gums. Our tissues in our mouths are one of the most absorbent places in our bodies.

Have you read the back of your toothpaste tube? It clearly states, use a pea sized amount and if more than used is swallowed get immediate medical care or call poison control. That sounds safe with toddlers running around. The many visual marketing campaign commercials I have seen ALWAYS show more than a pea sized amount. So here is where I feel betrayed. Commercials portray safety, family use, children… rules of good oral care, but no one talks about contacting poison control. Let’s talk about why companies HAVE to put that disclaimer on the labels. The truth.

Questionable ingredients you should avoid:

 Triclosan- Found in Colgate Total (This is what I had in my bathroom, I immediately threw it out!) and marketed as “FDA approved to help fight plaque and gingivitis.”

Want to know what else it is approved to do?! Many studies have shown this chemical is linked to many types of cancer including breast, ovarian, prostate and testicular. It is also linked to precocious puberty. 

The state of Minnesota has banned Triclosan but it is still sold across the country usually in forms of toothpaste, make up and hand soaps, just to name a few.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS)- This chemical is used in toothpaste to get that foaming effect. SLS interferes with your taste buds by breaking down the phospholipids on your tongue. Hence, the reason everything tastes bad right after you brush.

It has also been linked to canker sores and other skin irritations. Research suggests people who are more prone to canker-sores should find a toothpaste that is SLS free. Manufactures of SLS tried to get approval to market SLS as a pesticide for organic farmers. The application was denied due to its potential for “environmental damage.”  Sounds safe.

 Artificial Sweeteners/ Aspartame-  This toxin was why I had to give up diet coke and let me tell you I wasn’t happy about that. Little did I know I was continuing to consume aspartame via my toothpaste. (insert serious eye roll, will no one protect us?)

Aspartame contains methanol. Humans are the only mammals who are not equipped with a protective biological mechanism that breaks down methanol into a harmless formic acid.

So, because our bodies can not rid this type of methanol from our bodies, I’m left wondering how much methanol I have in my system from years of drinking 2 diet cokes a day and brushing twice, daily? Ugh… Symptoms of methanol poisoning include: nausea, dizziness, headaches, weakness, ear buzzing, chills, vertigo, memory lapses, numbness and gestational disturbance.

Fluoride-  There is a reason children’s toothpaste is fluoride free. Fluoride is a toxic chemical that accumulates in your tissue over time. It wrecks havoc with enzymes and produces serious health effects including neurological dysfunction. While children are particularly at risk to overexposure it is recommended adults, too, need to choose a fluoride free toothpaste. 


While researching toothpastes I learned we don’t need it at all to maintain proper oral hygiene. It is there to really just freshen breath and take your money. Companies have made a killing on this profitable product, selling it to consumers as a “must have” to be a good person. Water and a toothbrush can be super effective. While I am not willing to give up on toothpaste all together, that just seems un-American, plus I enjoy fresh breath, I can’t unknow all of this information. And since I’m on the road to a cleaner greener “me,” here’s a better option to SAFER oral care.  


I found a company called inVitamin. They sell many oral care products, all with non-toxic ingredients.  I tried out the bamboo toothbrush, activated charcoal powder and activated charcoal toothpaste. While it takes some getting acclamated to have your teeth black while brushing, I LOVED these products. Activated charcoal is used to remove plaque, whiten your smile naturally and detox. Activated charcoal is chemical free and all natural.  My entire mouth felt refreshed and clean after each use. I will never go back to your typical store bought brands. Plus the plastic toothbrush plague is sickening... Using the bamboo toothbrush made me feel like I was doing my part and it worked really well.


Thanks to inVitamin for helping to provide healthier products and partner up for a fun post!