6 Dangerous Truths About Your Beloved Disinfectants

6 Dangerous Truths About Your Beloved Disinfectants

February 2, 2018

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Hi I'm Annie! When I hired on at Buckaroo Organics, I was shocked at the information I didn't know about products in my home. This is my journey in  tossing all the crap in my cabinets for greener, cleaner stuff that works!

-Annie Goes Green

Giving up my Clorox wipes and Lysol: I knew the second I decided to go green these would be ”hands down” the hardest products for me to give up. For years, I was brought up to thinking its’ not clean unless it’s “Clorox clean.” In hindsight, it almost feels like I was conditioned to feel emotional about my Clorox wipes, like they were comforting. YIKES.

Before I start, I will fully admit, I am a crazy person and have a problem disinfecting. I honestly, can NOT help myself. Sickness and airplanes are my weakness. I’m addicted to my wipes, literally. Having Adalee, my daughter, sent my germ obsession into full manic- mode. As she grew and started putting everything in her mouth, my germaphobia grew to an all time high. The worst part; Adalee, adapted to my “crazy”, too. 

Once we boarded the airplane with my husband, and as I pulled out my pre-packed kit full of Lysol spray, disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer, Adalee, stood on her seat, NOT TOUCHING ANYTHING, and I started diligently wiping down our entire area. Spraying Lysol spray around us and lastly sanitizing our hands, not once, but two times…wheeew, time to buckle in. My husband looked at me in paralyzing embarrassment and asked me “What are you doing?” I glared, because I was completely parenting to my fullest crazy. I can’t help it, do you know how dirty airplanes are?

This was my lowest, my brother in law and family stopped by our house with the flu. As SOON as they left I started spraying Lysol. I sprayed everything! Once all corners of my house and the contents were Lysol saturated, I sighed and felt my anxiety dissipate. Wait, I remembered they were petting my dog. Crap, now what?! I assessed the situation and against my better judgement, I sprayed her. I did. I sprayed my poor dog with Lysol. I probably knocked a year off of her life. Dang Lysol, got the best of me and my dog. I’m not proud of this story. 

I’m on my first 21 days without any Lysol or Clorox wipes. It has been hard. I’m not going to lie, I have relapsed on it a few times. So I say 21 days, loosely😊 When I started researching, the information on cleaning products is alarming. Here are my top 3 reasons these two products have to go! They are so toxic. There are many more, but here are the highlights. 

The Clorox wipes canister states: Hazardous to humans and domestic animals. 

  • Wash hands, thoroughly with soap and water after handling. I have wiped my house from top to bottom, using a ton of wipes, and not even rinsed my hands after use. I can only imagine how many toxins I absorbed into my skin from all the years of just handling this one product.
  • OTHER INGREDIENTS 99.632%: really, only 99.6% of this product is “other ingredients.” WHAT are those ingredients???  
  • Ammonium Compounds or “Quats”- These disinfectant chemicals trigger asthma, allergies and many other health concerns. The EPA does monitor pesticides in these products, but unfortunately, that is no guarantee to safety.

The Lysol can states: Hazardous to humans and domestic animals. (That’s reassuring)

  • Most people spray on children’s areas, leaving Lysol Disinfectant residue on toys and surfaces is a chemical hazard, and can cause serious health risks in young children who come in contact with them. You are supposed to wash the Lysol off...I never do. 
  • 41.90% Other ingredients
  • Ethynol is the other 58%- Basically, Lysol is nuclear:)
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I hit the green road on the search for something better. Surely there HAS to be something safer out there that I can use to clean toys, bathrooms and my dog😊 I found a company that I can trust and they carry many cleaning products, Aunt Fannies.

The ingredients are clean and safe. I can read the label and it didn’t say the 99.6% of the ingredients are “other” like Clorox. Geez, my 7-year-old can read the label. Jackpot! I have loved them. The wipes are thick, get the job done and most importantly, are SAFE. No washing thoroughly with soap and water after use is necessary. I am hooked.

I am looking forward to trying out all of their cleaners. They even have pest control remedy’s! I know the switch is hard, but I promise in the long run it is COMPLETELY worth it for your health and kiddos! 

We have a fun giveaway on Instagram for one person to win a bundle from us and Aunt Fannies. Go enter!

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As a recovering Disinfectant-aholic I personally urge you to make the switch today! I mean, now that you know a few of the dangers, you can’t go back! Good luck! Xoxo