Annie Goes Green: Taking the first step

Annie Goes Green: Taking the first step

January 19, 2018

Annie Arneson- Associate, PR and Marketing at Buckaroo Organics

Annie Arneson- Associate, PR and Marketing at Buckaroo Organics


Hi I'm Annie! When I hired on at Buckaroo Organics, I was shocked at the information I didn't know about products in my home. This is my journey in tossing all the crap in my cabinets for greener, cleaner stuff that works!

-Annie Goes Green


As the new year begins we all have our usual “New Years Resolutions.” For me I usually go hard on gym time for about the first 2-weeks of January and, then, when spring approaches I realize I should have stuck with that. I, then, panic and try and make up for lost time by acting like a crazy lady, go over the top trying to squeeze in exercise at all points during the day. Whether it be doing lunges while pushing my grocery cart or jumping jacks while waiting for my daughter to get out of school at pickup, I go into obsess mode and go for the quick fix. 

This year I decided I'm switching it up. I am going  for longer term changes and committing to lifestyle and consistency. 

 1.) I am going to maintain my fitness all year round. I am going to not give up and keep trying even if I fall off of the wagon and eat snacks I shouldn't, skip a week of workouts and drink too much wine. I will be less critical of myself and realize that large bag of chips was totally worth it...I ate the whole bag.

2.)  I am going to do something I have always wanted to do...clean up the products in my house. I see all of these moms, bloggers and people talking about going green. Honestly, I don't even know what that means, but they said it was organic and healthy and I know I want that for my family and I'm buying it.  So this going green..."Annie goes Green!"

In order to start...I have do figure out what does green mean. Why does it "actually" matter to "go green?" There are so many simple changes I hear people talk about: get rid of straws, use recyclable bags, read labels, buy organic....the list goes on.  I know I need to change, and I want to, but then I fall back into my old ways because we live in a world where the normal convenience of stores is not offering green products or information and marketing that I find helpful.

I have super good intentions of doing my part to save the planet and then I forget my reusable grocery bags in the car and walk out with 25 plastic bags, weekly. Or the plastic spoons I pack in my daughter’s lunch box... every day. They are super bad, I watched an entire documentary on plastic and I'm breaking every plastic law known to man. Not on purpose or because I hate the environment. I want to be awesome and save whales. 

Between the “mom guilt” and the “green guilt,” I spend some days convincing myself I am the worst person ever. Failing at life. If there was a jail for moms breaking "green" laws,  I would definitely be the leader up in that place.  "Green guilt" is the worst. I'm going to do a whole post on just this...because  we live in an evolving culture that is becoming so much more health conscious from food to home goods, but it is hard. I find the guilt consuming me like bad body image or aduletrous  shame . 

I'm shaking it up!  I am so motivated to become a better, greener, healthier me! When you decide to “go green” at first it is extremely overwhelming. I cringe just thinking about everything in my house I need to change. I mean, I try to buy natural house hold items but as I have learned even if it says “natural,” it doesn’t always mean the ingredients are healthy.  I'm on a mission to find out what all of this means and make some educated decisions I can stick to!

Plan of action: this year I am going to be changing 1-2 toxic things (at a time) in my life and replacing them with natural, non-toxic items. Once I have the change mastered, I will add more!

As some of you know , I joined  team Buckaroo Organics in October. This opened me up to a new world of laundry information. I was learning more about this awesome company I , now, work for and their mission to rid chemicals in the laundry room and I was shocked.

I had no idea how disgusting laundry products are and how untruthful companies are and can be in disclosing the true ingredients on their laundry soaps/detergents and fabric softeners labels. Companies can actually omit ingredients and not disclose correctly on labels. I felt betrayed by brands I "loved" and brands I bought due to the awesome "sale price."  Not cool. 

So I thought, what better way to curb the green tinted guilt, learn more about one room in my house and find products that work and are better for my health...better for my daughter's health and better for the environment. I'm doing a total laundry room makeover. From washer to dryer, I'm in...ready to try something new.  Non-toxic laundry room here I come! I hope you'll join me as I share my secrets, tips and ways we are partnering with companies to share better options for you and your family! Also, high five to all you parents out there making changes, big or small! Don't let that green guilt get you down!

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