Buckaroo Gift Guide: Gift Sets for Everyone

We’re here to help answer the “what-the-heck-do-I-buy-this-person” question with this safe, simple, and organic gift guide for all of the favorites on your list.

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For the Gals


Bamboo Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser $54.95 Help your favorite hostess calm the holiday chaos with our Bamboo Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser. This diffuser, made of real sustainable and natural bamboo, is not only extremely quiet but it’s also phthalate, PVC and BPA free. Earn extra brownie points by pairing it with one of our 100% organic essential oil fragrances.

Mother Hen Organic Belly Butter $26.95 For the expecting mom. This rich organic Shea Butter combines Myrrh, Frankincense, and Lavender to heal and keep the elasticity in the skin as growing bellies stretch. Mother Hen Organic Belly Butter is not only great for bellies, but as an all over nourishing moisturizer, great for its chapped skin and scar-healing abilities.

For the Guys

Cowboy Kit $39.95 The perfect gift for the hardworking Dad, Husband or Grandpa! Get your favorite guy into more natural personal care with this “manly” kit. Our Cowboy Gift Kit is a perfect combination of products to keep the skin healthy, the air clean, and lips smooth for those long hours spent working outside in the elements.

Tough As Nails Organic Skin Treatment $31.95 This skin-transforming treatment is one of our most popular and versatile products. Known as a skin cure-all, it’s a favorite among customers and Buckaroo staff. Made with active organic botanicals mixed with powerful essential oils, this light, and permeable all-in-one skin treatment nourishes the deeper layer of the skin for healthy rejuvenation and healing of common skin irritation. Pro tip: Have you noticed Buckaroo Organics’ CEO’s flawless skin? She uses this magic serum on her face day and night for that dewy glow…

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Buckaroo Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers UNDER $13

Looking for some healthy stocking stuffers that will bring joy, without toxic chemical exposures? They say it’s the little things that count. No matter whose stocking you have in mind, these simple, organic, eco-friendly and safe gifts will show everyone on your list how much you care. Better yet, they all clock in at under $13.


Stank Whip Mini Multi-Use Odor Eliminator $5.95

Holiday Exclusive! Have you met Buckaroo Organics’ small but fierce Stank Whip Mini? You never have to be caught in a stench, again. Whip odor into shape with this carry-on sized spritz. This odor eliminator is a MUST HAVE. You can throw it in your purse, gym bag, diaper bag, or in your bathroom for freshening.


Defense Blend Organic Lip Balm $4.95

Lip balms are always a smart, healthy stocking stuffer choice. Make them even healthier by choosing ones with non-toxic ingredients. This 100% organic lip balm has been formulated to not only heal dry, cracked lips but to boost the immune system. Coconut oil and vitamin E contain natural SPF to protect from harmful UV rays year-round. The special blend of essential oils was chosen intentionally to heal and ward off infection.


Sleepy Spurs Calming Rub $12.95

The gift of good sleep is always appreciated. Our Sleepy Spurs Calming Rub is the perfect gift to keep on a nightstand. This unique balm has been made with organic ingredients and a special blend of certified pure essential oils suggested to calm and increase those important hours of sleep. Everyone in the family will love this!


100% Pure Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil From 12.95

Indispensable during cold and flu season, Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the Eucalyptus plant and possesses a strong, distinguished aroma. The Radiata variety of Eucalyptus oil is a milder species.

100% Pure Organic Peppermint Organic Essential Oil From 12.95

Mentha Arvensis Peppermint Oil is steam distilled, extracted from the whole peppermint plant possessing a powerful mint aroma. Perfect for boosting energy and mental clarity on dreary winter days.

Pro tip:

Buy these oils alone or as part of our 6-pack of Organic Essential Oils. The full set includes one of each of our essential oils and is easy to divvy these up for the whole family to enjoy!

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